Minule väga kallil inimesel oli sünnipäev tulemas ja tahtsin teda rõõmustada oma tehtud asjaga. Leidsin Ravelryst just selle, mis vaja. Lõng pidi olema parim ja loomulik valik oli Drops Alpaca. Mustriraamat sai tellitud Islandilt, aga kalli inimese heaks pole ju miski liiast. Algus oli tehtud. Someone very special to me had birthday coming and I wanted to make him happy with something I had made. I found just what I needed at Ravelry. The yarn had to be the best so I chose Drops Alpaca. Pattern book was ordered from Island, but for someone special nothing is too much. That is how it started.

Lõng kahekordne Drops Alpaca 50g/167m ja lõnga kulus: 7240m petrol pea 15 tokki/2505m; 2917 türkiis 3 tokki/501m ja 2919 tume türkiis 1 tokk/167m. Vardad 3,5. Suurus mugandustega XXL.Yarn was Drops Alpaca 50g/167m double and it took: 7240m petrol - 15 skeins/2505 m; 2917 turqoise - 3 skeins/501m and 2919 dark turqoise - 1 skein/167m. Needles 3,5, size with some changes XXL.

Mulle väga meeldis passe muster - lihtne ja armas. I really loved the pattern of the yoke - simple and sweet.

Mustri disainer Védís Jónsdóttir /Pattern designer Védís Jónsdóttir
Muster:Ístex Lopi No. 29/Paternbook: Ístex Lopi No. 29
Kampsun, millest sain inspiratsiooni/Sweater that inspired me/Satt

Comments on: "Kingituseks kõige kallimale / Presents the most beloved" (2)

  1. Hello!

    I found your lovely blog through Ravelry, while looking for someone in Estonia who could give me a tip… In three weeks time I will be going to Estonia, It is a work related trip, but I will have a few hours for my self in Tallin, and I would like to use them well! That is why I wonder if you could recomend me a good shop for buying traditional estonian knitting patterns an material, maybee kits for mittens or so. (I have a book about Haapsalu shawls allready!).
    I alsp would like to find somewhere to buy thoose lovely shawls with roses and other patterns (red and yellow f ex) that I have seen on pictures, of estonians in folk costumes- I find them interresting since we have very similar ones in Sweden!
    I hope you can find it in your heart to help a total stranger with this!
    Thank you!

  2. […] viimase termini juurde. "Pestavale käele" jäi mu blogis silma paar aastat tagasi tehtud kampsun. Siit otsus, et vastuteenena saab sellise kampsuni. Kuna inimesele meeldivad hallid/mustad toonid, […]

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